Choosing the Best Shakes for Weight Loss

Theoretically speaking, losing weight is very scientific and all you have to do is to consume lesser numbers of calories than you spend in a day. But tell this to millions of overweight people trying desperately to shed some fat and you will realize how difficult it is to lose weight and then to maintain those lower weight levels.

People have come to realize that the culprit in their quest to lower weight is their tendency to eat fast food. There is a recent trend of replacing meals with shakes that are healthier and designed to help people lose weight. These shakes are a type of Meal Replacement Product (MRP) that has become very popular these days.

Benefits of shakes for weight loss

  • Healthier than snacks or meals
  • Easy to make at work or at home
  • Convenient to carry around
  • No need to worry about the food
  • Perfect in terms of calorie intake

Just shakes or protein shakes?

There is no need to get confused between meal replacement shakes and protein shakes. This is because both serve different purposes and there is a difference in the calorie content of the two types of shakes. While meal replacement shakes intend to substitute for a few of your meals, protein shakes are just what their name tells you, full of protein. Other shakes are a good replacement for a meal as they are low on calories and carbohydrates while being rich in proteins.

What exactly are meal replacement shakes?

To be frank, these so called fat loss shakes or best shakes for weight loss are no magic formulae to achieve this target. There is nothing special to instantly build up muscles or reduce your fat.

These shakes are not necessarily any better than whole foods but these are good foods in liquid form that are easily digested by your body without requiring the metabolism of the body to go high. Treat them as powdered foods only.

Deriving maximum benefit from weight loss shakes

  • If you are not under the supervision of a nutritionist or a doctor, it is better to keep the frequency of intake of shakes to twice a day and not more than that.
  • Make sure that the shake you use provides at least 200 calories to your body
  • Also make sure that your shake has a good balance of all other essential minerals and vitamins as you are replacing your meal with the shake
  • Do not be rigid with the use of shakes and use them for your convenience and ease. You can swap a meal with a shake when you are hard pressed to think and arrange food.
  • Keep on changing the shakes to have variety to maintain interest

Things to look for when buying a shake

  • See that the shake gets mixed with milk, water, and other juices readily
  • Check if the shake has a right mix of essential nutrients required by your body
  • See that your shake has very low sugar content. It should also have no or very little saturated fats.
  • Make sure the shake has calorific content that your body requires for weight loss
  • Shop around to compare different brands and flavors to choose ones that are ideal for your weight loss endeavor

Ultramet Champion (high protein)

This is a great high protein shake that you can use to replace one or two of your meals. With every serving, you will get 250 calories, 2g fat, no saturated fat, and just 20mg of cholesterol. As far as its ingredients are concerned, each packet of 72g contains 940mg of potassium, 20g carbohydrate, 1g dietary fiber, and 2g sugar.

Myoplex Lite Meal Replacement (low calorie)

This is a shake that is low on calories that is ideal for weight loss endeavor. It contains lesser protein than high protein shakes but importantly contains lesser number of calories as well. With each serving, you get only 180 calories while it gives 1.5g of fat per 15 calories. Each serving also provides 20mg of cholesterol and 360mg of sodium. As far as ingredients are concerned, each packet contains 470mg of potassium, 20g of carbohydrates, 3g of fiber, 1 g of sugar and 25g of protein.

Myoplex Carb Control (low carbohydrate)

This shake is meant for all those who are on a low carbohydrate diet or have been advised to consume lesser carbohydrates by their doctors in their efforts to achieve a lower body weight. These shakes are very low on carbohydrates as well as their calorific contents.
You can also make a healthy shake yourself at home using different fruits and vegetables provided you know their nutrient cornets. However, as all healthy food products are not always at hand, it is better to buy readymade shakes from the market.